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Etherlite is an advanced block-based recording platform that builds and enhances basic encryption functionality, such as Ethereum. Our DAO Platform and Cryptocurrency allow users to abuse creativity by creating projects within the Etherlite network.

  • ETHLT uses SHA256 cryptography in wallets and transaction logging on SHA512.
  • Our network is hybrid POS and POW.
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Etherlite revolutionizes the financial technology industry, crowdfunding and voting projects.

Provides not only the innovative cryptographic ETHLT currency, but also a set of powerful set of tools for users to have the best experience by combining communication and ease in digital payments.

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Token Details
  • Token Name: Etherlite
  • Token Symbol: ETHLT
  • Token Total Supply: 110,000,000 ETHLT
  • Token Decimal: 18
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Revolutionary technology

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 Tokens, Assets and Currencies

Blockchain ETHLT provides a complete, stable, secure and reliable transaction log within the Etherlite eco-system. Enabled by its advanced block architecture, ETHLT can be used to create, distribute, and use user-defined Token types, as well as support the native ETHLT cryptographic currency.

For this, Etherlite provides a selection of powerful tools for creating custom tokens in the blockchain, whether as assets or currencies. These tokens can be used by projects to bridge the virtual world from digital to real-world currency: a token can literally represent anything: property, stocks / bonds, commodities, or even concepts.
The Etherlite's network can be used to exchange anything. Tokens can be used in many other ways, than purely commercial, however: a token could give voting rights in an organization, for example.

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Smart Contract Voting

Voting with Etherlite is very important: blockchain-based systems and organizations need to have a means of reaching consensus.
In addition to allowing the creation of simple surveys, for example, to evaluate public opinion or to elect candidates for a position, the ETHLT Voting is used as part of the Etherlite intelligent contract system, allowing transactions to be approved or rejected by a group of previously set users. The ETHLT voting results can be used in several ways depending on the project.

Voting may be restricted to holders of a particular Asset or Currency, allowing the vote to be held entirely publicly (that is, all users of the Etherlite account) or only between a smaller, selected group.


Etherlite has an integrated exchange where its users can negotiate and manage their created tokens, in a way where they can organize their crowdfunding and handle their public or private assets.

Blockchain Explorer
The information record can be queried in 3 block explorer addresses of Etherlite, all tokens and moves within the ETHLT network can be verified.

Live Chat

With Etherlite chat you can communicate and perform transactions through your own chat in an easy way.

Create groups and negotiate between participants or privately, groups conversations can be configured with different levels of confidentiality: public to anyone, limited to a team or fully private and invite-only.
All this in a safe way.

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